MHMA Profile

The Mental Health Management Agency of Frederick County, Inc. (MHMA) began operations in May, 1996 as a Core Service Agency, pursuant to Health General, Article 10, Subtitle Core Service Agencies.


To strive to provide for the mental wellness of the citizens of Frederick County eligible for Public Mental Health Services promoting a well-coordinated, comprehensive, and fiscally accountable mental health system.


MHMA is responsible for managing and monitoring the provision of mental health services to the current Public Mental Health System Eligible populations of children, adolescents, and adults with mental illness who have Medical Assistance or are uninsured.   The emphasis is on choice among alternatives to influence current services.


MHMA has an impressive and dedicated membership on its Board of Directors.  These individuals represent many segments of the community, including education, business, health, law, and the clergy.

Board of Directors
David A. Severn, Esquire
Richard S. Kopp
Carolyn Bell, LCSW
William Carr, VMD
Commissioner John L. Thompson
Barbara H. Pederson, RNC
Lt. Brian Williar
Colleen Rice, MA
Mary James, MD
Rev. Fred A. Wenner
Ann L. Thoma
Sharon Boettinger
James Hart
James Bowes, MD
Charlie Reifsnider
Bill Derbyshire
Paul Gilligan

Robert A. Pitcher, LCSW-C
     Executive Director

Sharon G. MacDougall, M. Ed.
     Director of Mental Health Programs

Lynn Frost, LCSW-C
     Child & Adolescent Coordinator

Edwina K. Bartin
     Trauma Specialist

Charlotte Wisner
     Planning Coordinator

JoyceAnn Sundergill Schmid
     Residential Coordinator

     Chief Financial Officer

Shannon L. Clabaugh
     Executive Assistant

Michael S. Burroughs
     Assistant to the Director of Mental Health Programs

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