Glossary & Abbreviations


Care Managers:
Trained MHP employees who evaluate your needs, make provider referrals, authorize and coordinate mental health care.

Core Service Agency:
Plans and manages services at the local level.

Feedback that you are unhappy about some aspect of the PMHS.

A disagreement with an individual or provider around level of service, treatment, or any other relative matter, that you file to resolve the situation.  2.  A request from you or your provider for MHP to review a decision they have made about the request for services or the level of services that you are receiving.

Managed Care Organization (MCO):
Under Medical Assistance, helps you get the care you need for physical health.

Maryland Health Partners (MHP):
Hired by MHA to help you or someone you know get the mental health care needed.  Monitors and manages claims for payment to PMHS providers.

Medical Necessity Criteria:
Used to determine whether an appropriate prescribed treatment is appropriate for consumer's condition.

Mental Hygiene Administration (MHA):
State Department within the Department of Health Mental Hygiene that funds and oversees the PMHS.

Physician Advisors:
Physicians employed by MHP to assist Care Managers in making and reviewing decisions about authorizations of mental health services.

State funded medical insurance for recipients of Public Assistance.

Federally funded medical insurance for individuals over 65 or have Social Security Insurance for over 24 months.


CSA               -     Core Service Agency
LCSW (-C)     -     Licensed Clinical Social Worker (-Certified)
MCO              -     Managed Care Organization
MHP              -     Maryland Health Partners
MHMA           -     Mental Health Management Agency
MA                -      Medical Assistance
DHMH           -      The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene                                                                                                                                                                                                               
PMHS           -      Maryland Public Mental Health System

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